We at NTTG are based in the Allgäu Alps, Germany, and we specialise in riding steep, natural mountain terrain.
We find this type of riding the best way to travel on a mountain bike and we lovingly call it in German “Bike-Bergsteigen”, or “bike-mountaineering” in English.

It’s all about having fun together as a group of friends, suffering on the uphills and relishing the reward of the downhill.  

Our adventures aren’t about trying to prove something, rather they are about having awesome experiences together - being in nature, the people we encounter and the many happy hours riding together.  

The challenge of discovering new trails, mastering technical sections and being on the move outdoors gives us so much back.  


Bernd Pfeifer

With roots in motorsports trials, now an early-bird mountain biker. Owner of La Strega Custom Bike and Niner dealer for over 10 years. A bike-fitter and a geometry specialist straight out of Allgäu. 

Martin Krug

A mountain biker for over 25 years. He used to ride XC and MTB Marathon, but now he’s just on the lookout for special trails. A switchback-lover and a passionate trail scout.

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